Wall Treatment Ideas to Reflect Your Unique Style

Wall Treatment Ideas to Reflect Your Unique Style

Wall Treatment Ideas to Reflect Your Unique Style


The walls in your home are like an open canvas, waiting for your personal touch. They offer a blank slate for self-expression, mood enhancement, and can significantly alter the perceived size and character of your space. Whether you're need of a cozy reading nook in your library or want to spice up the shared living spaces in your apartment, wall treatments play a key role. Here, we explore ten unique wall treatment ideas to match any mood, whether you're renting a downtown Jacksonville apartment or settling into a home in the suburbs.


1. Mural Magic

Mural wallpapers can transform a room, creating the illusion of depth and interest. This wall treatment is perfect if you’re looking to introduce a bold, expressive story into your home. From panoramic cityscapes to tranquil forest glades, murals come in a variety of themes that can instantly elevate your space.

When choosing a mural, ensure it aligns with the room’s purpose and the overall theme of your home. For example, a celestial mural in the bedroom can create a peaceful retreat, while a vibrant, botanical scene in the living room can bring the outside in. A subtle point to remember, though, opt for murals that are easy to remove if you're in a renter's market.

2. Textural Tapestry

Textured walls aren’t just a visual treat; they provide sensory satisfaction too. Consider textured wallpapers with designs that can add depth and tactility. This type of treatment works particularly well in spaces where you want to invite a cozy atmosphere, such as bedrooms or reading nooks.

Tapestry wallpapers come in a range of styles, from geometrics to organic weaves. They can be especially effective when paired with indirect lighting to create a soothing ambiance. Remember, while these add depth, they should not overcrowd a small space, so be mindful of the scale and balance with other elements in the room.

3. Faux Finish Fun

Faux finishes offer a cost-effective way to mimic the appearance of costly materials like marble, stone, or wood. This technique can be as grandiose as you desire or as subtle as a light glaze over a single-color wall. Choosing a faux finish that matches the room’s decor can add a sophisticated touch without overwhelming the space.

Be careful to execute a faux finish with precision; the subtleties are what sell the effect. If you're not confident in your DIY skills, consider hiring a professional painter. When done well, it can be nearly impossible to distinguish from the real deal.

4. Statement Stencils

Stencils are an old-world technique that’s seeing a resurgence, and for good reason. They offer a wealth of versatility and can be as individual as a fingerprint. By using stencils, you can create any pattern or design in any color combination you choose.

A geometric stencil can lend a contemporary vibe, while a floral stencil can bring a touch of vintage to the space. Utilize stencils in larger scale designs for a focal point, or in subtle, repetitive patterns for a sophisticated, all-over effect. It’s a labor of love that, when completed, will be uniquely and unequivocally yours.

5. Creative Chalk & Clay

Chalkboard and clay paints have taken the DIY world by storm. They are interactive and changeable—perfect for a space that needs to adapt to different moods. A chalkboard wall in a kitchen can serve as a family message center, while a clay paintboard in a craft room is ready for artistic expression.

Clay paints, which typically have a matte finish with variable textures, can also create an earthy, grounding ambience. Use these unique paints in areas where they won't be overwhelmed by other patterns and hues to ensure their message isn't lost amongst the noise.

6. Artistic Alcoves

Wall treatment doesn't have to cover every inch of the wall—they can be strategically placed to highlight areas of interest. Create an artistic alcove by painting or papering just one wall in a room, or a single nook or architectural feature. This can become a de facto gallery, a cozy reading area, or a spiritual space for meditation.

Maintain a balance with the surrounding walls to ensure the alcove does not become too heavy or disconnected. Remember, the aim is to create a harmonious transition or a compelling contrast when done right.

7. Mirrored Illusion

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do you reflect the best in us all? Mirrored walls can make any space feel larger and more luminous, reflecting light and doubling the visual space. They can be a sophisticated addition to small spaces, or they can turn a wall into a grand, decorative statement in larger areas.

When placing mirrored walls, be mindful of what they reflect. Position them to showcase architectural or natural light sources, or to double down on your favorite artwork or design elements.

8. Classic Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a timeless wall treatment that adds texture and visual interest to any room. Traditionally a wood paneling, wainscoting can be updated with modern materials for a fresh take. Use it to evoke a sense of classic elegance in dining rooms or add a touch of hospitality in guest bedrooms.

The key with wainscoting is to play with the height, scale, and architectural elements in the room. Ensure it doesn’t dwarf the space if you’re using it in a smaller area, and allow it to be a bold statement against more subdued color palettes.

9. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a contemporary approach to wall design, where solid swaths of color are used to delineate or accentuate areas. It's a bold styling choice that can add punch to a room or subtly define zones in an open-concept space.

When color blocking, consider the natural flow of light in the room and choose a palette that complements it. Use tape to create clean lines and employ high-quality paints to ensure a professional finish. Color blocking works best in modern or transitional design schemes and can add an energetic pop to a space.

10. Smart Storage Systems

For some, the most functional and stylish wall treatment is a smart, integrated storage system. This can turn walls into highly functional, organized spaces that lend an air of sleek efficiency. Think built-in bookshelves, modular closet systems, or custom cabinetry—these not only provide a place for everything, they can be a major design feature in their own right.

When designing a storage system, think about its purpose and the items it will hold. Use it as an opportunity to display collectibles or hide away clutter, but always aim for a balanced, pleasing aesthetic that doesn't overwhelm the space.


Wall treatments are more than just a method of enhancing your apartment—they are extensions of your personal style and a tool for crafting the perfect mood. When searching for a new space, remember that wall treatments can be changed and adapted to suit your evolving tastes and your current lifestyle. Whether you're in an apartment in bustling downtown Jacksonville or nestled in a suburban condo, these ten ideas promise to breathe new life into your walls and, by extension, to every room in your home. If you're looking for apartments in Jacksonville, FL, contact The Lofts at Wildlight today to schedule a personal tour.

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