Six Tips to Keep a Clean Apartment – Even When You Have a Pet

Six Tips to Keep a Clean Apartment – Even When You Have a Pet

Six Tips to Keep a Clean Apartment – Even When You Have a Pet

Pet-friendly apartments for rent in Jacksonville, FL make a perfect home for both you and your furry friends. Living with a pet can make everyday life much more exciting, but it can also make more work for animal owners. Keeping a clean place is essential when you own a pet, regardless of all the extra jobs you will have and cleaning supplies you will stock. These are a few tips to follow to keep your apartment clean when you are living with a messy pet.

Vacuum Regularly

Even though it will take more work, you should vacuum your apartment often to keep it free of pet dander and fur. Many pet owners even invest in vacuums that are specific for pet-related messes, as they are stronger and will last longer. For those that don't have the time to run the vacuum frequently, you may want to consider a robotic vacuum that can clean while you are at work.

Get Some Rugs

To save the floors from pet scratches and other messes, you should put rugs throughout your apartment. Rugs are a great way to protect the floors and make it easier to clean up after your pet. You will especially want to have rugs in the entryway and near any doors, as it will prevent your dog from dirtying up your floors with muddy or dirty paws.

Spend Time Outside

Getting outdoors is another great way to burn some of your dog’s energy so they are more relaxed inside your apartment. When they have decreased energy, they will cause fewer issues in your home. This can prevent them from destroying furniture, having accidents, and running around the house making messes.

Cover Furniture

Many people choose to train their pets to stay off their furniture, but for those that allow their dogs to lay with them on the furniture, you will want to cover your furniture. Couch covers are great ways to protect your couches from dirt, pet hair, and scratches that can eventually ruin the furniture entirely.

Trim Your Dog's Nails

Keeping your dog's nails trimmed is one of the best ways to avoid making additional messes to your apartment. If your dog has long nails, they can scratch the floors, destroy your cushions, and much more. You should have your dog's nails trimmed every few months so that you can avoid these damages.

Bathe Your Dog Often

In addition to trimming your dog's nails, you should also keep your dog clean frequently. Giving them baths will make sure that they stay smelling nicely, which will prevent odors from building up in your apartment. Also, you can keep their fur trimmed to avoid additional pet hair buildup on your furniture and floors.

Follow these helpful tips to keep your apartment clean when you share your space with your pet. If you are looking for quality pet-friendly apartments for rent in Jacksonville, FL, contact Lofts at Wildlight to hear more today.

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