Four Reasons Guinea Pigs are the Perfect Apartment Pets

Four Reasons Guinea Pigs are the Perfect Apartment Pets

Four Reasons Guinea Pigs are the Perfect Apartment Pets

Owning a pet is not only enjoyable, it actually delivers health benefits for people. Some studies indicate that individuals who own pets have a lower blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, pets have been demonstrated to be capable of easing stress and improving people's social lives. You may believe you can't own a pet if you reside in an apartment, as many complexes do have limitations. However, there are numerous pets that are perfect for apartment living, and a guinea pig is one of the finest. These fuzzy, four-legged creatures are adorable and easy to take care of, not to mention brimming with character, making them excellent for apartment-dwellers. Experts from our apartments for rent in Jacksonville, FL, offer a closer look into why guinea pigs are so wonderful.

A cage is all the living area they require

Unlike felines or canines, guinea pigs don't require much space to flourish. In fact, an eight-square-foot cage is all you need to accommodate a couple of them. Or, you can make an out-of-cage, cordoned-off living space for them in your apartment, or you can allow them to roam free, but make sure they will be secure before setting them loose in your apartment.

Guinea pigs are nocturnal

You don't need to stress about your guinea pig being lonely during the day because that's when they normally sleep. This is excellent if you work during the daytime or have an active schedule. You can feel good knowing your small friend is prepared to play after a good day's rest when you arrive home.

They're just as friendly as other pets

Guinea pigs naturally adore nuzzling and playing in the same manner that canines do. But because guinea pigs are so much littler, playtime has less of a possibility of evolving into a mess. Instead, you can arrange up tiny obstacle courses for them or even clothe them in handcrafted costumes. (Check Etsy for some pretty ones.) They can also calmly sit on your lap and be stroked. Guinea pigs are basically game for just about anything you enjoy doing.

They're clean

Guinea pigs can actually be potty trained, making cleaning up their droppings fast and easy. This class of cleanliness expands to other parts of their lives. First, they groom themselves, meaning you only need to provide them a bath if they appear dirty or stink. If you intend to keep them in a cage, you'll discover that they'll do an excellent job keeping it uncluttered and tidy. On top of that, their cages only require to be tended once a week.

These are just a handful of reasons that guinea pigs are the ideal animal companions for individuals living in apartments. Visit your local pet store now and witness how fun these lovable creatures can be! And if you are interested in apartments for rent in Jacksonville, FL, call us first. We want to help you find your next place to call home!

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