6 Tips for Apartment Entertaining

6 Tips for Apartment Entertaining

6 Tips for Apartment Entertaining

Living in a small apartment does not prevent you from hosting a dinner party. It is always nice to have friends over for some fun. Our expert on apartments in Jacksonville, FL, offers the following tips for having a flawless party.

Choose a menu that is easy for apartment cooking

Do your best to select menu items that can be made ahead. For example, serve cold appetizers or salads to give guests something to enjoy before the main course. You can also plan a potluck and have guests bring a dish to share. Just coordinate to ensure you don't end up with three versions of green beans. Finally, limit drink expenses by only serving non-alcoholic beverages or beer and wine to save some cash.

Make your space work for you

Do a quick clean before your guests come to declutter the environment. Clean the living room and kitchen to ensure there is plenty of room for guests. Make sure the bathroom is spic and span to give guests the best impression. To save table space, utilize open counter space as a serving area for appetizers. You can use your coffee table as a buffet table or dining area if you need to. Do not be afraid of rearranging furniture to make your space more comfortable for your guests.

Take the party outside

If you have a party, your apartment may get a bit stuffy. You might consider serving appetizers on your deck or patio. This will allow extra airflow and give your guests more space to move around. You might also consider a group stroll after dinner for guests to stretch their legs and make room for your yummy dessert.

Create a simple but classy décor theme

Use simple decorations to set your part’s mood. Flameless candles or fresh flowers will offer ambiance and make your space more inviting. Use small vases as place card holders instead of a centerpiece. You can find seasonal decorations at most retailers, and using napkins or tablecloths in matching colors for the season is a fantastic way to create an inviting and polished atmosphere.

Respect your neighbors

Do not forget that you are having a party in a building where others live. Try to keep your party within a reasonable timeline, so you do not keep people from their rest. If it gets too late and you want to keep the party going, consider moving the festivities to a local bar or nightclub for drinks and dancing, or go to a local eatery for coffee and dessert before your guests depart.

Be gracious

Be sure to show thanks to your guests for spending their time with you. Consider a small, thoughtful parting gift or goody bag to let you know you appreciate them. It does not have to be expensive, but a small bag of chocolates or a great-smelling candle will make them feel valued and encourage them to invite you over for dinner.

These are just a few tips for entertaining at your apartment. If you are looking for great apartments in Jacksonville, FL, contact us today for a tour.

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