What Chores You Should Do Each Week to Keep Your Apartment Clean

What Chores You Should Do Each Week to Keep Your Apartment Clean

What Chores You Should Do Each Week to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Are you living on your own for the first time?  Do you have trouble staying on top of your cleaning tasks?  When you are renting apartments in Jacksonville, FL for the first time on your own, you will want to be sure that you stay on top of the cleaning and maintenance.  Taking care of your home is much easier when you stay organized and perform certain jobs on a routine basis.  This is a week checklist of cleaning tasks that you should aim to do each week.

Wipe Down the Kitchen

One of the easiest household chores is wiping down the kitchen countertops.  Although this is likely a nightly task, you will want to take the time to remove some of your countertop appliances to wipe everything down.  This will remove any food debris, crumbs, or other grime that might get underneath these areas when you are cooking.

Organize and Clean Your Entryway

One of the first things that people see when they walk into your apartment is your entryway.  Also, this is likely the area that collects the most dirt and dust from the outdoor spaces.  It may also be a place where shoes, bags, and other belongings are left neglected.   Take some time to clean and organize this space to make it more functional and tidy.

Clean the Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean will prevent issues like mold and mildew growth.  It also prevents the buildup of water stains, grime, and other issues that run rampant in bathrooms.  Because of the constant water exposure, your bathroom is susceptible to many health hazards and grimy buildup if it is not deep cleaned on a weekly basis.  

Do Laundry

There's nothing worse than a heaping pile of stinky laundry.  Whenever guests come over, you don't want to have laundry piled up in your apartment hallway.  Designate one day each work for your laundry chores, and be sure to wash, dry, and fold all your clothes on this day.  If it helps, designate another day for household laundry, like blankets, sheets, and towels.

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Floor maintenance is important for keeping dander, allergens, dust, and dirt off the ground.  Take the time to vacuum and/or mop your floors on a weekly basis so that you can easily remove these issues.  This will also give your home a nice, clean appearance that will make you proud to call your place home.

Dust Shelves

If you dust each week, you will remove many allergens from your apartment.  This can improve your health and keep you breathing fresh and quality air each week.  Take the time to dust shelves, TV stands, dressers, and other surfaces that easily collect dust.

Take Out the Trash

Even though it may seem obvious, you should still remember to take out the trash each week.  Whether you have a small bag or a few large bags, you should take out the trash on a routine basis to avoid any foul odors or bug infestations from finding their way into your apartment.

These are a few of the tasks that you should be doing each week to clean and maintain your apartment.  When you keep a cleaning checklist in your apartments in Jacksonville, FL, it can be much easier to maintain your home.  Contact us if you are looking for clean and luxurious apartments to call home today.

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