Five Ways to Maximize Organizational Space in Your Apartment

Five Ways to Maximize Organizational Space in Your Apartment

Five Ways to Maximize Organizational Space in Your Apartment

Have you recently moved into your new apartment space?  Are you looking for ways to fit everything you need in your new place?  When you first move into our apartments in Yulee, FL, you may be looking for storage solutions that match your space.  By finding organizational systems that are both functional and stylish, you can store your belongings while still adding flair to the overall space.  There are a few ways that you can maximize the organization space and storage in your apartment.

Get Taller Bookcases

Bookcase come in many shapes and sizes so that they can fit in almost any empty space.  Some are even compact enough to fill empty apartment corners.  If you love to read or are a student, you will love to store your books and other belongings on these vertical storage solutions.

Use a Portable Drink Cart

If you enjoy making a cocktail on the weekends or love to entertain, you should invest in a bar cart.  This is a great addition to any small space, and it can be rolled around when it is in use.   Store this cart in an empty corner with a nice display of drinkware or cocktail mixers to add a decorative and functional element to your space.

Create a Coffee Station

Do you need your daily cup of coffee each morning?  Whether you are a coffee or tea addict, you may want to consider adding a small shelving unit or cabinet in an empty or unutilized corner so that you have a designated area to make coffee each day.  You can keep your coffee maker on the top of cart or shelf, and then store coffee grounds, mugs, and sweeteners in drawers or shelves underneath or on top.  

Use Shelves

Shelves are both a simple and affordable way to add some unique character to any empty wall space.  They also make the space more functional.  Many of these shelves are actually created to fit the corners of spaces so that you can store trinkets, small belongings, or books in a creative way.

Create a Gallery Wall

Are you looking to display more pictures of your family and friends but lack the shelving space?  Do you enjoy photography as a hobby?  When you have unused wall space, consider making a gallery wall that can showcase the story of your life or things that make you happy.  This may not be functional, but it is a unique and exciting way to add your personal touches to your space.

These are a few of the ways that you can add organization space and storage solutions for your apartment.  At our apartments in Yulee, FL, you will have spacious floor plans to choose from.  Contact us to hear about our available units today.

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