Five Ways to Add Design and Personality to Your Apartment

Five Ways to Add Design and Personality to Your Apartment

Five Ways to Add Design and Personality to Your Apartment

Are you tired of looking at bland and boring apartment walls?  You may need to come up with crafty solutions to adding your personality and color to your apartment walls.  Many of our renters in our apartments in Jacksonville, FL have come up with ways to add their design and personality to their apartment without compromising the integrity of the walls or breaking their budgets.  When you set out to decorate your apartment, use these five ways to add design and personality into your apartment so that you can feel more at home.

Use Removable Wallpaper

A popular trend in home design is wallpaper with patterns or designs.  These also sometimes come in sticky and removable packages.  Applying creatively designed, removable wallpaper to your apartment wall is a great way to liven up the place with color without actually applying a coat of paint or drilling any holes.

Use Tapestries

A tapestry is a great way to provide quick, easy, and safe wall coverage.  Tapestries are very lightweight, easy to hang, and cover much wall space.  They are also available in many different designs and patterns, so you can customize it to your liking and your style.  This is one easy way to avoid any nail holes or measuring.  You can simply hang the tapestry and enjoy your new artwork display.

Install Shelves and Hooks

When you are considering storage solutions for your apartment, you likely will want to hang a few shelves and hooks to hold important belongings.  This can also work as wall décor.  We recommend that you use Command strips to safely secure functional décor to the wall, including hooks for coats and purses, and also some small shelves for books or light keepsakes. This will help you hang your belongings without having to worry about using tools or creating nail holes.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are great for apartment walls, simply because they make the space seem larger.  This effect is popular in small spaces, like bathrooms or hallways.  Not only do mirrors make the space seem larger, they are also functional in that you can use them to check your appearance before you leave your apartment.

Use Sticky Decals

Wall decals have become a very popular way to easily add flair to any wall.  These come in a wide array of styles, ranging from pictures, to sports memorabilia, to famous celebrities, to designs, to quotations.  Decals are a customizable and inexpensive way to enhance your wall without creating any nail holes or walkway hazards.  
These are five ways you can add your personality and style to decorate the walls of your apartment.  When you live an apartment, it can be a challenge to make the space yours, especially if you choose to live with a roommate and have shared space with others.  However, by using these simple tricks, you can make your space your own without breaking any rules set forth in the lease.  If you are looking to move into apartments in Jacksonville, FL, contact us today to see what's available for you to call yours. 

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