Dealing With A Bad Roommate

Dealing With A Bad Roommate

Dealing With A Bad Roommate

If you have chosen a roommate that you wish you had not chosen, then there are some things that you can do to help the situation. Being open and honest about your feelings to yourself is a great place to start. Here are some other tips that you will want to consider following because the last thing you want to do is to break your lease.

Speak Up

Don’t be afraid to speak up when something is happening that you don’t like. It is your home as well. Make sure that you feel safe, welcomed and comfortable in your own space. You pay just as much rent as they do, so don’t be afraid to tell them when they have infringed upon your boundaries. Make sure you do it in a smart and logical way. When arguing with your roommate often times tempers can flare. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. You will continue to have to live with this person you are in a contract with, so don’t say or do anything you may regret. Use I statements to explain how you are feeling. Take time to listen to what your roommate is saying without thinking of what you are going to say next. Look for the common ground so that you can work out disagreements.

Spend Time Apart

Spending time with other people besides your roommate is critical. Even if you are best friends with your roommate, people who spend too much time together will grow tired of one another, and this can cause even bigger issues, including often exasperating petty little things. Don’t be afraid to have friends and social interactions that your roommate isn’t a part of. You each deserve space and time apart. You don’t have to run in the same social circles to be good roommates to one another. Communicate when you would like to have a party or a group of friends over, however, as your apartment is only so big.

Agree on Rules Together

One of the most common areas of conflict for roommates is on rules. Before you ever move in together, sit down and discuss what rules need to be in place. Talk about who is going to do which daily chore because one person does not want to get stuck with all the work. If one roommate plans on getting a pet, then this needs to be part of the discussion.

Lofts at Wildlight is a great place to live by yourself or with another individual. Come take a tour today as you will love our spacious units. We have plenty of outdoor space and community areas that you can use as a getaway zone. When you need to burn off steam, then our fitness center is a great place to do it. Living with a roommate can mean that your best friend is there at midnight to hear about your awesome date or it can be your worst nightmare. Apply these rules to avoid bad roommates.

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